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Green Cambridge works to create a more sustainable Cambridge, and to protect the environment for the health and safety of all. Join Us!

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Neighborhood Solar is Back!

Green Cambridge is proud to partner with Neighborhood Solar and SunBug to offer discounted Solar PV installations for Cambridge residents and nearby communities through July 31st, 2015. Get your solar now! Contact Us

Rain Barrel Season

It's rain barrel season again and we are happy to help. Our rain barrel conversion and installation instructions are available here. If you'd like our help with an installation, or to request a free rain barrel, email us

Green Energy Now!

Where to get local renewable energy: Other renewable energy resources:

The State of Solar Power in Cambridge

Based on a careful analysis of publicly available solar installation data, our work shows that Cambridge has installed over (NEW AS OF YEAR END 2014: 2.8 megawatts (MW)!) of solar in the last 10 years, the vast majority of that being installed in the last 2 years!  Based on the Mapdwell solar map for Cambridge, we calculate a total rooftop solar capacity for Cambridge of at least 400 Mw.  So there is room for many more solar installations in Cambridge, saving money, reducing pollution and preventing climate disaster. Contact us if you would like to find out more.

Current Projects

Green Cambridge is currently working on several projects including:
  • Co-sponsored an exciting conference about enlisting nature to help reverse global warming in May 2015! #CambCarbon
  • Advocating for net-zero fossil fuel energy buildings. UPDATE May 2015: The Getting to Net Zero Task Force has completed its work! The recommendations have been referred to the Environment Committee of the Cambridge City Council
  • Promoting food waste composting.
  • Promoting local renewable energy, especially solar.
  • Advocating for a plastic grocery bag ban. UPDATE March 2015: Cambridge City Council has voted to ban plastic bags and require a fee on paper bags!
  • Helping to install rain barrels (during growing season). UPDATE April 2015: Green Cambridge installed more than 30 rain barrels in 2014 and has constructed 20 rain barrels for distribution in 2015. Contact us to request a free rain barrel!
  • Working with DPW to increase recycling by Cambridge businesses.
  • Exploring community solar gardens.
  • Restoring the Silver Maple Forest in partnership with Friends of Alewife Reservation and the Belmont Coalition. UPDATE March 2015: While the forest has been cut down and a foundation permit has issued, we continue to oppose the dangerous development proposed on this inappropriate site!
  • Advocating for Climate Change Action as part of MCAN.
  • Advocating for greater protection of our natural environment.
  • Organizing community events, including movie showings, conferences and others.
Please join us to help accomplish these projects and to suggest new ones.

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